Delton Wilhite has been the sports writer for the Muleshoe Journal since 2000 and has been the voice of the Mules since 2002.  You can find Delton at most home games of the Jr High, Freshmen and JV.  He is always at the Varsity games.  So now once again you can listen to Delton talk about his favorite team on a Football Friday, a Mule or Lady Mule basketball game and even the baseball and softball games will have the familiar voice of Delton.

     Lonnie Wilhite has been broadcasting Muleshoe football games since 2006.  The only year he missed was 2008 when he was the play by play announcer for the Sudan Hornets Football.  Lonnie has also broadcast basketball games for Jim Ned (2A) at the Regional and State tournaments.  That same year he broadcast basketball games for Laneville (1A DII) and North Crowley (5A) at the State Tournaments.  Lonnie has also broadcast a few games for a Perryton radio station doing Perryton baseball as well as Gruver and Spearman basketball.  

     Rene Torres has been part of the Muleshoe Mule and Lady Mule broadcasts since 2005.  He is the resident statistician and spotter for the broadcasts.  You can hear him at halftime and at the end of the game to give you up to date stats the we have accumulated.  Rene is also there to help keep Delton awake on long road trips.

     Frank Wuerflein has been on board since 2006.  Frank has become one of the biggest Mule supporters there is in Muleshoe.  Frank keeps stats during football season and broadcasts basketball, baseball and softball season.  Frank is also in charge of keeping Delton awake when Rene is not around.

     Bryan Morris joined the team in 2012.  Bryan is a long time Mule and Lady Mule fan.  Bryan helps broadcast all Mule football and fills in for basketball.  Bryan has become a good play-by-play guy as well as color commentator.  Bryan is the go to rules guy in football since he was a paid official at one time.    

2013 $7000
2014 $8000
2015 $9000
2016 $11,000
​2017 ?

     Muleshoe Sports Network is here for Muleshoe Mule fans.  We want to provide a place for people to be able listen to their favorite Muleshoe Mule athletic event.  We will be broadcasting all varsity football, most district basketball, baseball and softball games. 
     The best part of the Muleshoe Sports Network is we will do something special with the funds we raise during this venture.  At the end of every school year the Muleshoe Sports Network will write a check to the M.O.S.T. Scholarship Fund in the name of our sponsors. 
     We want to give back to the community that has given so much to us and our family.  If you would like to advertise during the season please contact us.  Thank you for your support and listening to us have a good time watching the student athletes of Muleshoe.